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Wayne Fletcher

Wayne Fletcher, Optician

Operated by Wayne Fletcher, a licensed Optician and eyewear consultant for 31 years, Wayne has operated in several premier locations on both the east coast and west coast including Studio City, Beverly Hills, Newport Coast, as well as Washington D.C. Wayne continues his proven fine level of service in Encino at Optx Fine Eyewear. Wayne has a proven track record of customer satisfaction year after year due to his skills in the Optical Lab and the personalized service he gives his clients.

Wayne's 'consultative' service has led many celebrities, professional sports figures, models, corporate executives, casting directors for TV and movies, to seek his professional Optical services.

His resume includes frame design for a well-known fashion brand and all lens edging & fabrication work is crafted by Wayne on-site. Wayne brings a wealth of cutting-edge knowlege, artistry and talent to his Optical lab having cut and created eyewear for the most discerning and demanding engineers and professionals.

Quite simply, Optx Fine Eyewear provides truly personalized Optical service, offering the finest eyewear & consultation to each client. Come see for yourself what Optx Fine Eyewear can do for you.